Design of Ground and Six Storied Structure Using Hollow Steel Sections



The conventional framing system that is being practiced in Pakistan is the RCC system whose execution process is a bit time consuming i.e. time for reinforcement placement, formwork binding, casting, curing etc. which delays the construction process along with the environment degradation due to extensive use of cement. The aim of the proposed project is to familiarize the construction industry with locally manufactured cold formed Hollow Steel Sections (HSS).

The analysis and design of Single and Six storied structure using conventional RCC system and same structure using HSS Framing system will be carried out using ETABS 2016. The single-story structure is subjected to static loads and six-storied structure is subjected to static and seismic loads. Research is carried out using specifications and brochures of sections manufactured by International Industries Limited (IIL). Both the models are being compared in terms of cost and by using cold formed HSS significantly affected the overall project costs as compared to RCC framing system.