The construction of homes using light gauge steel (LGS) is very similar to the construction of homes with structural steel frames. The steel used in the construction of light gauge is mostly cold form which is moulded into shape at room temperature. The thin sheets of steel are moulded into C shaped sections which are the most common type of sections. The benefits of using LGS for structural applications include:

  • LGS sections are lighter weight, and allow quick building without heavy tools or equipment.
  • LGS sections can easily be carried by hand
  • LGS can be shaped into any form and can be clad and insulated with a wide range of materials.
  • It is easy to change or modify this type of construction at any point in its lifespan.
  • LGS Structures are non-combustible, which is a code requirement for some types of structures.
  • LGS Structures do not rot, shrink, warp, or decompose like wood structures, and can be used in areas where there is a probability of termite attack.

So, LGS construction technology is an attractive alternative to traditional Reinforced Concrete (RC) construction and is being considered as one of the technologies that can be used for NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING SCHEME INITIATIVE of the Government of Pakistan. The Center for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Built Environment for which (CAHSBE) at NED-UET joined hands with the construction industry to come up with the housing model in accordance to the affordable/low-cost housing using LGS technology on the land graciously provided by the VC of NED University.

To enhance the technical aspects of this technology to future engineers in Pakistan, Final Year Project (FYP) is assigned to Final Year Students, who will be vetting the design of the LGS Structure, developing their own design with cost estimation, developing a companion design of RC structure and comparing the cost- time to delivery analysis for the two technologies.

Please follow the link of video comprises step by step construction process of the model house: